Outfit: Black and White Cat Collared Sweater

outer space style cat collared sweater

Cat Collared Sweater

Spring and summer vibes are finally here! I am so happy, that I don’t need to wear a super warm jacket anymore ^.^ So, a few days ago I was at our local Rhododendron Park. I have never been there before, although I live super close to it…

Today’s outfit is this black and white cat themed look that I absolutely love. I think this outfit is perfect for a sunny spring day to spend at the park or wherever you want to enjoy the warm weather, basically. I must say, I’m always super cold! So, if you still want some fabric on your arms (for that extra warmth) I think combining a sweater with a skirt is the perfect solution for a summer-ish kinda outfit that is still warm in a way (if that makes any sense 😉 ).

I’m wearing a black and white collared sweater with a cat print on (If you are interested: There is a discount code called miniikid10 that you can use at Poppy Apparel to get 10% off your order. You can also find this cat collared sweater there). I wear a grey plaid skirt to create this school girl feeling. This cat bag is one of my all time favorites. I use it all the time and it makes every outfit even cuter. To go with the cat theme, I also wear those adorable purr evil cat socks by killstar. I don’t know if you can tell, but that day I actually wore them the wrong way round so that it sais evil purr… yeah… whatever 😀

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater


Cat Collared Sweater: Poppy Apparel (10% Discount Code: miniikid10)

Choker: Claire’s

Plaid Skirt: Aliexpress

Cat Bag: Aliexpress

Socks: Killstar

Shoes: H&M


That’s it for today’s post. I really hope you like the outfit. See you in my next post! 😉


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