Outfit: Kawaii Bunny Cat

Outerspacestyle kawaii bunny cat

Kawaii Bunny Cat

Animal faces and ears everywhere aahhh

In this post I show you a very kawaii summer style. This outfit is animal themed as you can see. I got some bunnies there and some cats as well. I’m wearing my beloved cat sneakers and a cardigan with little white embroidered bunnies. But what I love the most about it are the little wings on the back. They are sooo adorable and make me feel like a little angel lol. Also, the backpack has some bunny ears, wich I really love. I feel like all my accessories do have ears. 😀 So I thought I need a hairstyle that also has some ear aesthetics. That’s why space buns are perfect for this style. I don’t have too much to say about this look. So here are the pictures. 🙂

outer space style kawaii bunny cat outer space style kawaii bunny cat Outerspacestyle kawaii bunny cat

Bow Hair Clip: H&M

Cardigan: Aliexpress

Dungarees: Aliexpress

Shirt: HappyM0nday

Socks: Amazon

Bag: Amazon

Shoes: Attitude Clothing


I hope you enjoyed my outfit post today <3

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