Outfit: Pastel Winter & Overthinking Life


Pastel Winter & Overthinking Life

Putting pressure on myself, yep… that’s what I can do best. Some people do it more often, some less. I’m the kind of person, who does this waaaaay too often… unfortunately. Overthinking and trying to be perfect in the way you work, look and live life basically, can become an addiction that is so hard, almost impossible to fulfill. Even writing a post like this always makes me think about perfection. But why is it that I never seem to be happy with what I’m doing?
Especially now, that my time as an university student is over, I always feel like I have to improve in every way! They say –cool, you can do what you want now, no more learning-, right? Wrong! To me, this is the time where everything counts so much more. You kinda have to show the world that you can do it! Living your own life, knowing what you want in life and of course making your own money and being responsible for everything! Don’t get me wrong – Growing up is a good thing. I moved out of my parents house when I was 19 and I had an apartment by myself. I truly think this was the best decision ever!
Outerspacestyle_pastel_winter_overthinking Outerspacestyle_pastel_winter_overthinking
I like to overthink my future and things, that I got no control of, to the point where my negativity seems like the deepest, blackest hole ever!

Who can relate to sleepless nights you spend in thoughts, overthinking everything that could possibly happen? But why do we do this? I do this all the time and this really needs to stop. There is literally nothing to achieve by that. Nothing horrible ever happened, you know? The truth is that I feel the worst thinking about all that stuff.

Outerspacestyle_pastel_winter_overthinking Outerspacestyle_pastel_winter_overthinking

I really try to just let situations happen.

Reaching out for help if I can’t fix a problem by myself has always been a big deal for me (and I feel like it will always be). But most of the time, things are not about proving to anyone (even yourself) that you can do everything on your own! Asking people for advice actually feels good, especially when you are stuck in your thoughts! Letting people help you makes your life so much easier and you become a better version of yourself.
Outerspacestyle_pastel_winter_overthinking Outerspacestyle_pastel_winter_overthinking

And for fashion it’s the same!

Let other people inspire you and don’t overthink your look! Do what makes you happy and stop thinking about what other people might think. My fashion goal for this year is feeling more comfortable with the style I like. I really want to be confident enough to go outside all dressed up kawaii like this. My biggest goal is to be brave enough to  wear a wig in my everyday life!

Cap: Aliexpress
Wig: Uniwigs
Lenses: linsenfinder
Jacket + Scarf: Tally Weijl
Jeans: Monki
Socks: brytclothes (sponsored)
Shoes: Asos
Jumper: Aliexpress
Pink Baseball Jacket: kokopie

I really hope you liked this kind of blog post. I really want to keep it more casual on here and talk about whatever goes on in my head. See you in my next one <3

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