Review: Dolly Green Circle Lenses

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Review: Dolly Green Circle Lenses

Hey cuties! Today I have my first circle lenses review for you in like forever!

I really love wearing circle lenses because I love how they make my eyes look. That’s why I wear them a lot. I got this pair for my birthday in September and ever since I started wearing them, I’m in love with them. Seriously, I came across so many uncomfortable lenses. I just have to talk about my new lense love <3


Outer space style dolly green circle lenses Outer space style dolly green circle lenses


Ok, but what are circle lenses anyway?

First of all: Circle lenses are contact lenses. The only difference is, that the diameter is a little bigger than usual. They often start at 14 mm in diameter, wich makes your eyes look big and dolly. There are some lenses that effect your view, so you are not allowed to drive while wearing those. I often find the softer and the more water lenses contain, the more comfortable they feel. I usually don’t wear my lenses more than ten hours a day. When they start to irritate your eye, it’s better to take them out. That’s why it’s always a good idea to carry a container for the lenses with you. ^.^


Outer space style dolly green circle lenses Outer space style dolly green circle lenses


And what is so special about those dolly green circle lenses?

I just love wearing green circle lenses. I can’t explain why, but green lenses always happen to be my favorite. Unfortunately, lots of colored lenses don’t show up perfectly on brown eyes. But the dolly green lenses look amazing on brown eyes! Also I find them super comfortable, wich is really important to me, because I love wearing them all day. It’s just nice that it does’t irritate my eye. Hopefully it lasts for a long time ^.^

Dolly Green Circle Lenses: Linsenfinder

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post <3

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