Outfit: I want to leave

I want to leave…

and live peacefully in space all by myself. Sounds good, right? Well, unfortunately there never came an alien to abduct me or anything… and I think there will never happen anything like that. But at least there are some cool pieces of clothing on this planet, so that I can express my love to outer space on earth.

That is why I call Earth my home planet, I guess…

Disturbia is one of my favorite brands lately. I love the messages of their stuff and how they make your look appear in a certain way. Kind of dark gothic-ish, but not too cheesy or anything like that. The I want to leave shirt is one of the things in my closet that I wear all time. The jeans jacket combo creates a casual grunge look. I really like the back part of the jacket that says Where is my mind?. There is no better way than also wearing some black ripped jeans with black fishnets. And check out my backpack. It has wings on it! How cool is that? 

So here is the look…


Outer space style i want to leave

Outer space style i want to leave

Outer space style i want to leave Outer space style i want to leave Outer space style i want to leave Outer space style i want to leave

‚I want to leave‘ Shirt: Disturbia

Jeans Jacket: Aliexpress

Ripped Jeans: Bershka

Fishnets: Ebay

Totoro Shoes: Aliexpress

White Sneakers: Asos


I hope you enjoyed that look.

See you in my next Post!


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Outer Space Inspired Outfit

An Outfit inspired by Outer Space

I heard 2017 just started two weeks ago… Wait, that’s a new year right? But what are my resolutions?
I don’t know.

Anyway, as I promised before on my Instagram, I wanted to start something new on my blog. Something cool and creative. Something that’s a lot of fun to do.

I decided to do my very first youtube video!

Don’t get me wrong guys, making a video you are willing to share with the world, is a lot of work. But I really enjoy filming and editing, so this might not be the last one ^.^

Solar Baseball Jacket: kokopiecoco
Onesie: H&M
Shoes: amazon
Socks: eBay
Choker: eBay

Jacket from Outer Space

Outer Space Jacket

This beautiful solar baseball jacket was my inspiration to do this video. Its an outfit inspired by Outer Space, obviously. I absolutely love this space jacket with all those planet patches on the back. It’s definitely my favorite jacket and I cannot wait until it gets warmer outside, so that I can wear it everyday. The material is quite thin, it’s just cotton and fleece, and I filmed the video in december. It was frickin cold but in my opinion it was totally worth the shivering. The jacket is very baggy, so you can easily wear something warm underneath. Oh, and did you know the jacket is unisex? Personally, I think it would look super awesome on a guy as well. 

space jacket

I decided to go with this very cozy onesie. It has little skeleton hands on it that show -peace-!
Fun fact: The skeleton hands glow in the dark. I think that’s so cool! The onesie also has got one zipper. Yes, only one, so if you have to go to the bathroom you have to get undressed…

Onesies like that are also perfect if you want to add some extra clothes underneath. To give my Outer Space inspired outfit a bit extra warmth, I am wearing the red checkered shirt over the onesie. I also think the look of the shirt goes very well with the baseball jacket as a whole. To match the black and white stripes of the jacket, I am wearing white tennis socks and black and white tennis shoes.


I hope you like this post and my video too of course ^.^

See you in my next post!


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