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X-Mas Lama Pyjama and my 2018

This is me rambling around my best achievements of 2018 while wearing my favorite X-Mas Lama Pyjama one day before christmas. Nothing more to say here.

Fashion Diary: Me Time, Fall Time

I need my me time! This is my first Fashion Diary where I not only show you my outfit, but also just talk about what’s on my mind lately. No live advice, just my feelings and thoughts. I want to try something new. If you want to read why I need my me time more that ever, come join me!

Outfit: Late Summer Social Media Blues

„I must post!“ Social Media creates so much pressure. We want our content to be perfect and that other people love it as well! So we push ourselves… Here is how I started to enjoy instagram again.

Outfit: Catcallers and long sleeves in summer

Everyone hates them, nobody understands why they exist: Catcallers and other annoying people who just don’t respect any personal limits or privacy! Here is how I deal with people like that.

Outfit: Alpacas don’t judge me!

Even tho alpacas don’t judge, people will always do so. I can’t change that! Nowadays I care less about what people think and do more of what I really want.

Outfit: Pastel Winter and Overthinking Life

I wanted to try something new: This is not a random outfit post. I also want to talk to you guys about a topic, that is really special to me: Overthinking!