Beauty: Von rot zu hellblond (feines Haar, ohne Olaplex)


Meine Haartransformation: Von rot zu hellblond (feines Haar, ohne Olaplex)

Hallöchen, ich erzähle euch, wie ich es geschafft habe meine dunkelroten Haare hellblond zu bekommen (hätte niemals gedacht, dass ich das mal sage lol). Lasst euch bitte eins gesagt sein: Don’t do this at home, kids. Hört auf meine Worte.

Mein Blogeintrag, von dem ich oben gelabert habe.

Now we speak english…

Red to Blonde (possible even with thin hair)

So, in case you don‘t understand german to enjoy the video, let me tell you my 5 tips for bleaching you hair if you have thin, dyed hair. 

  1. Wash out all your hair dye. This makes it easyer for your hairstylist to get rid of the pigments
  2. It‘s not impossible to get red hair to light blonde. There are some exceptions and hair colors that won‘t wash out. But if you are patient, totally possible. 
  3. Do it in more sittings. If you want to keep your hair healthy, be patient and go for a bleach that doesn‘t kill your hair. Ask your stylist for a care treatment to mix with the bleach.
  4. Pay for the quality and don’t do it at home, kids. I know it can be extremely expensive. Bleaching often costs more than 100€ and if you go blond within more sessions it adds up. But see it as a long term process and you won‘t regret killing your hair. 
  5. Thin and fine hair does‘nt mean that it is not bleachable. How much bleach your hair can handle is very individual and has not necessarily something to do with it‘s thickness. Your hairdresser will have an eye on your hair while it‘s processing.

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