Outfit: How I style my Cat Ear Headphones

outer space style cat ear headphones

How I style my cat ear headphones


I can’t believe I almost always start my blog posts with apologizing for not being able to do more posts… but however I finally made it! ^.^


So a while ago I got myself those amazing cat ear headphones, but I haven’t used them as often as I wanted to for some reason. Why? The simple answer is because I find it hard to pick an outfit that will perfectly work with the cat ear headphones. The long answer is, that I am a perfectionist. I get insecure easily if I think that something is wrong with the way I look. I know, it sounds totally superficial, but don’t get me wrong! The struggle is real if you want to look cute in something unusual looking that is -at the same time- the most basic, everyday object ever, like the combination of headphones and cat ears, right?


Some words about the headphones…

I bought them two months ago at amazon for 139€, wich is A LOT to me! I never spent that much money on headphones before but I thought, whatever, it has got cat ears on it and I need it! The brand is called Axent Wear. They are a very small company founded by two girls. Check out their website if you are interested ;). Yes, the design made me buy it in the end. But the sound quality is also very nice in my opinion. By the way, the cat ears are actual speakers, so can annoy everybody around you with your shitty music. 😛

Outerspacestyle cat earphones glowing
I took this picture the other day, because when I was shooting, the batteries were empty.

And isn’t it cool? They can glow in the dark! I think those super cute cat ear headphones are perfect for everybody who appreciates a nice kawaii and alternative look… and loves cats of course 😉 .

Headphones: Axent Wear (amazon)


So here is how I style my kawaii cat ear headphones…

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones
just ignore that it looks like I am flying in outer space and that the floor is uneven… oops

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones Basically, there are many possiblilities, what you can wear with them. The headphones could be part of your cosplay, your party accessory, or your everyday look. You can combine it with color matching clothes or you can basically create an outfit based around cat aesthetics (wich is what I did obviously ^.^). I really wanted to do an every day look, for how to wear the cat ear headphones in public or something like that. That’s why I did’nt go too crazy with overly fancy clothing. Just keeping it basic with a dark grey high waist jeans, but cute at the same time (at least in my opinion lol).

As you can see, I am wearing one of my favourite crop tops by killstar that says: Sorry I can’t, I have plans with cat. It’s all about the priorities. Actually, i don’t have a cat, but my parents have five, so I think it still applies to me in a way. I love that the cat ears on the shirt match the ears on my headphones. It’s just perfect haha.

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones


Crop Top: killstar.com

High Waist: Bershka

There was just no way of not wearing my super awesome cat sneakers in this outfit!

They are from attitudeclothing and just super comfy. I don’t know what it is about these cats, but everytime I wear them, crazy, drunk or high… I don’t know… people on the street start talking to me about how awesome my shoes are haha.

outerspacestyle cat sneakers

Cat Sneakers: attitudeclothing.co.uk


outerspacestyle thanks
When your boyfriend is not around to help you out with the full body shots, things can get really difficult. I hope you don’t mind but I tried my best. ^.^

So, that’s it for today. I hope you liked this outfit post. If you want to hear from me more frequently, feel free to follow me on instagram. I post pictures every other day. <3


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