My 4 Christmas Outfit Ideas 2016

Outer Space Style Christmas Outfit

I heard that there is only one week left before christmas… Am I getting old, or why does time go by so fast? 😀


Anyway, I decided to put some Christmas Outfit Ideas together, so that you can get some inspiration for yourself. If you are like me – super last minute with making a decision on what outfit to wear over the holidays – this might be helpful for you. But if you are super organized and your Christmas Outfit is already planned, just enjoy this post ^-^

So let’s get started!


Christmas Kitty



Beanie: H&M
T-Shirt, Leggings, Shoes: H&M
Furry Jacket: ebay

For the first outfit I’m wearing this super cute t-shirt with a Christmas kitty on it. It says  –Santa Paws – . The colors of this outfit are very classic: red, white, black and a little bit of green. And by the way, you can never have enough meow beanies. I wear them in different variations all the time, so I’m very happy that I could match it with my christmas kitty outfit. Honestly, I bought this shirt one year ago, but I still like it, so I decided to do an outfit with it anyway. In fact I wore this outfit last year ^-^

outer-space-style-christmas-outfit2-3 outer-space-style-christmas-outfit2-5






This shirt is made out of very thin fabric, so if it is too cold I suggest to throw on a jacket. I am wearing a black furry jacket over this shirt. I am also wearing a black velvet leggings and bordeaux velvet boots.


Sarcastic Santa

outer-space-style-christmas-outfit1-4 outer-space-style-christmas-outfit1-1

Santa’s hat: was a present
Bow clips: Aliexpress
Sweater: Allexpress
Jeans: don’t remember 🙁
Shoes: H&M

This secound outfit is very cozy and cute. Isn’t this santa sweater awesome? It says – I’m kind of a big deal -. I think it’s hilarious and it also expresses my feelings towards christmas perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate christmas or anything. I love it, but sometimes it can become sooooo stressful.

outer-space-style-christmas-outfit1-quader outer-space-style-christmas-outfit1-3

This outfit is perfect if you hang out with your family or your friends at home. The colors are also very classic. I am wearing vibrant red jeans and santa’s hat that I decorated with little bow clips.


Kawaii Christmas Doll

outer-space-style-christmas-outfit3-6 outer-space-style-christmas-outfit3-5

Beanie: Bershka
Sweater: Allexpress
Skirt: Aliexpress
Security Pants: eBay
Socks: eBay
Pumps: Aliexpress
Necklace: Aliexpress 

Wig: Amazon

Who says you can’t be a kawaii doll and look christmasy at the same time? This pastel blue sweater with a deer on it is super kawaii, cozy and perfect for the holidays. The sweater says – snow flake deer – and has little lace details at the collar and the sleeves, which make it absolutely adorable. To match the pastel tones in this outfit I am wearing a pastel pink skirt. The fluffy beanie and the pumps have the same color. To make the shoes look super dolly, I am wearing a pair of white lace socks

outer-space-style-christmas-outfit3-1 outer-space-style-christmas-outfit3-2

And just in case you didn’t know: No, I did not change my hair color. I love wearing wigs that match my outfit, so this is what I did here as well.


Christmas Pyjama


Pyjama Pants: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Socks: H&M
Furry Jacket: ebay

Lucky you if you have some time to chill in your P-Jays during the holidays. Everybody needs some rest at christmas time, I think. So wouldn’t it be really cute if you can chill in christmas themed pyjamas? I am living in this one for days now because they are so comfy and cute. The red sweatpants have some christmas prints on it, with wich I’m in love so much.

outer-space-style-christmas-outfit-4-1 outer-space-style-christmas-outfit-4-2







       Wich outfit do you like the most?


I hope you are all having a great time with your family and friends and I’m sending you all my positive energy to start 2017 with <3


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