Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit

Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit

Some words to the outfit…

Basically, my wardrobe looks like I’ve got two different personalities. There are pastels, there are darks, spikes and all this kind of stuff. However -as you might have noticed- I really love combining cute stuff with dark and edgy stuff. I would call it kawaii grunge. That sure is the best description. I personally think that winter time is the hardest time to dress cute, especially if wearing dresses. But a nice way to do so is by choosing the right fabrics.

Is that corduroy fabric that you are wearing? My grandpa used to wear that wtf…

Yeah… I know. Not everybody loves it, but I think it’s kinda cool. And it also keeps me warmer than any other fabric does. So that is very nice to have in winter, right? Plus I think it looks super cute as a dress in combination with an oversized long sleeve. I just stole my boyfriend’s flannel. 🙂
I’m also obsessed with this amazing badass looking jeans jacket. It gives the outfit this extra grunge-y touch that I really love. And the jacket has got lots of pockets. Yeay!

Wearing a wig is also a very good way to keep your head nice and warm. And I just love how another color, another haircut can spice up the look immediately. The beanie just gives it the extra kawaii touch.

Oh, and do you see the little keychains I added to my backpack? I got them from two of my best friends. They got them for me when they were traveling. I think they look super cute together, the little totoro and the doll.

Enough said, let’s take a look at that outfit:

Outerspacestyle Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit Outerspacestyle Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit Outerspacestyle Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit Outerspacestyle Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit Outerspacestyle Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit Outerspacestyle Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit

Outerspacestyle Kawaii Grunge Winter Outfit

Pull & Bear

Wig: Malibuhairfactory

Jacket: Pull & Bear

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Overknee Socks: H&M

Backpack: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Dr. Martens

That’s it for this outfit post! I hope you like it and see you in my next one <3


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Outer Space Style

How to style merch fashion

How to style merch fashion

So, I’m the kind of person that gets excited about things very easily. No surprise I’m in love with lots of different franchises such as Star Wars, Totoro and so on and so on. I also love wearing clothes that express my love to whatever franchise I feel like that day. <3

In this post I will show you how I like to style merch fashion: zombie mode – on!

This year, some friends gave to me one of the coolest birthday presents ever: Daryl Dixon’s Poncho! Yes, I really love The Walking Dead (I should totally watch the new episodes, wich I haven’t done yet)! And I also had an eye on this poncho for a looong time. That’s why I got really excited to wear it and creating outfits with it.

At the same time I was wondering, if it is possible to create an everyday outfit with merch fashion without looking cheesy or in a way dressed up. So I came up with some ideas how you can express your fandom in your everyday life.

Find pieces that don’t look like a costume

The best way to create an everyday outfit with merch fashion is by choosing a piece that looks like it is no merch. Yeah, how is this possible right? My poncho for example looks like a normal poncho, especially to people who don’t know that it actually is a TWD fan item. But at the same time it is the same poncho Daryl was wearing in the show, so at least other fans might notice it. This way you are able to express your fandom with style and without looking cheesy.

Don’t try too hard

Just be yourself. Another way to make your piece suitable for everyday use is by translating it into your own style. Don’t try too hard recreating the original look of the character. This is not a cosplay! … Unless you want it to be a cosplay, then go ahead! 🙂


So here is my outfit…




Daryl Dixon’s Poncho: EMP

Shoes: Iron Fist

Leggings: H&M

Bag: H&M

I hope you liked this post. See you in my next one! <3


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Outer Space Style


Review: Dolly Green Circle Lenses

Review: Dolly Green Circle Lenses

Hey cuties! Today I have my first circle lenses review for you in like forever!

I really love wearing circle lenses because I love how they make my eyes look. That’s why I wear them a lot. I got this pair for my birthday in September and ever since I started wearing them, I’m in love with them. Seriously, I came across so many uncomfortable lenses. I just have to talk about my new lense love <3


Outer space style dolly green circle lenses Outer space style dolly green circle lenses


Ok, but what are circle lenses anyway?

First of all: Circle lenses are contact lenses. The only difference is, that the diameter is a little bigger than usual. They often start at 14 mm in diameter, wich makes your eyes look big and dolly. There are some lenses that effect your view, so you are not allowed to drive while wearing those. I often find the softer and the more water lenses contain, the more comfortable they feel. I usually don’t wear my lenses more than ten hours a day. When they start to irritate your eye, it’s better to take them out. That’s why it’s always a good idea to carry a container for the lenses with you. ^.^


Outer space style dolly green circle lenses Outer space style dolly green circle lenses


And what is so special about those dolly green circle lenses?

I just love wearing green circle lenses. I can’t explain why, but green lenses always happen to be my favorite. Unfortunately, lots of colored lenses don’t show up perfectly on brown eyes. But the dolly green lenses look amazing on brown eyes! Also I find them super comfortable, wich is really important to me, because I love wearing them all day. It’s just nice that it does’t irritate my eye. Hopefully it lasts for a long time ^.^

Dolly Green Circle Lenses: Linsenfinder

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post <3

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Outer Space Style

Outfit: Kawaii Bunny Cat

Kawaii Bunny Cat

Animal faces and ears everywhere aahhh

In this post I show you a very kawaii summer style. This outfit is animal themed as you can see. I got some bunnies there and some cats as well. I’m wearing my beloved cat sneakers and a cardigan with little white embroidered bunnies. But what I love the most about it are the little wings on the back. They are sooo adorable and make me feel like a little angel lol. Also, the backpack has some bunny ears, wich I really love. I feel like all my accessories do have ears. 😀 So I thought I need a hairstyle that also has some ear aesthetics. That’s why space buns are perfect for this style. I don’t have too much to say about this look. So here are the pictures. 🙂

outer space style kawaii bunny cat outer space style kawaii bunny cat Outerspacestyle kawaii bunny cat

Bow Hair Clip: H&M

Cardigan: Aliexpress

Dungarees: Aliexpress

Shirt: HappyM0nday

Socks: Amazon

Bag: Amazon

Shoes: Attitude Clothing


I hope you enjoyed my outfit post today <3

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Outer Space Style

Outfit: Retro Unicorn Bomber Jacket

Retro Unicorn Bomber Jacket

Today’s look is all about this super cute retro Unicorn Bomber Jacket. It’s a nice summer look that I really love to wear. The colors are more on the pastel side and the jacket is shiny and light. 

The eye-catcher in this look definitely is the embroidered Unicorn Jacket! I never thought that mint green and violet can be a nice combination, but they obviously can. The Heart Shaped Sunglasses make a super cool combo with the bomber jacket I think. And it’s no secret that I spend a lot of my time online, wich is why the Internet Princess Crop Top is just perfect for me, anyone else 😀 ? I also think that you can never go wrong with a nice pair of high waisted jeans. To complete the look I decided to wear some casual white sneakers. Oh and can you tell that there are some really cool alien themed socks on my feet? Probably not, but they match the color scheme of this look very well. Another thing that I would like to mention is that I absolutely hate carrying a handbag with me. I love cute bags, purses and all, but actually I try not to take any bags with me, if possible. I like to keep my hands free, so that’s why I love belt bags (I’m wearing one in the last picture). Call me so not cool or whatever, I don’t care. 😀 There are so many fashionable belt bags out there. You can totally match them with every look you prefer.

Outerspacestyle Unicorn Bomber Jacket

Heart shaped Sunglasses: Aliexpress

Unicorn Bomber Jacked: Aliexpress

Internet Princess Crop Top: Mingalondon

High Waist Jeans: Pull & Bear

Shoes: Asos

Socks: Aliexpress

Belt Bag: Amazon


I hope you liked that outfit. See you in my next post! <3


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Outer Space Style

Outfit: Black and White Cat Collared Sweater

Cat Collared Sweater

Spring and summer vibes are finally here! I am so happy, that I don’t need to wear a super warm jacket anymore ^.^ So, a few days ago I was at our local Rhododendron Park. I have never been there before, although I live super close to it…

Today’s outfit is this black and white cat themed look that I absolutely love. I think this outfit is perfect for a sunny spring day to spend at the park or wherever you want to enjoy the warm weather, basically. I must say, I’m always super cold! So, if you still want some fabric on your arms (for that extra warmth) I think combining a sweater with a skirt is the perfect solution for a summer-ish kinda outfit that is still warm in a way (if that makes any sense 😉 ).

I’m wearing a black and white collared sweater with a cat print on (If you are interested: There is a discount code called miniikid10 that you can use at Poppy Apparel to get 10% off your order. You can also find this cat collared sweater there). I wear a grey plaid skirt to create this school girl feeling. This cat bag is one of my all time favorites. I use it all the time and it makes every outfit even cuter. To go with the cat theme, I also wear those adorable purr evil cat socks by killstar. I don’t know if you can tell, but that day I actually wore them the wrong way round so that it sais evil purr… yeah… whatever 😀

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater

Outerspacestyle cat collar sweater


Cat Collared Sweater: Poppy Apparel (10% Discount Code: miniikid10)

Choker: Claire’s

Plaid Skirt: Aliexpress

Cat Bag: Aliexpress

Socks: Killstar

Shoes: H&M


That’s it for today’s post. I really hope you like the outfit. See you in my next post! 😉


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Outer Space Style

Outfit: Holographic Cotton Candy Fairy

This outfit is inspired by the beautiful fairy backpack that I’m wearing. It makes me dream  <3

This tiny holo fairy backpack is just the cutest thing ever! I know there is not that much space, but when you just have a few things to carry around it looks absolutely adorable. The bat wing shoes are partly holographic as well so they match the bag perfectly. To complete the kawaii holographic  fairy look I wear this super fluffy crop sweater. I love how the fake fur moves in the wind, so funny. The sweater also totally reminds me of cotton candy. I guess the reason is obvious. ^.^

The fishnets and the baseball socks underneath the black skirt just give the outfit a little bit of an edgy vibe. That’s why I think the fluffy pom pom choker combines the cotton candy style with all the other dark parts perfectly.

This outfit is basically something you can wear when it’s a bit cold outside. During spring time I often feel like I don’t know what to wear because its cold outside when the day starts but super hot in the afternoon. By adding or taking away the socks, or switching to other tights, you can control your body temperature a little bit. But however you combine your outfits: Never forget to wear your security pants underneath your skirt (especially when the skirt is very short, trust me, I’ve been through some embarrassing stuff by not wearing security pants). Mine are some some black lace shorts. They come in many different colors and look very cute underneath skirts. You basically can’t do something wrong with them. 😉

Holographic Cotton Candy Fairy



Sunglasses: Local Army Shop

Fur Crop Sweater: Minga London

Skirt: Ebay

Lace Pants: Ebay

Fishnets: Ebay

Socks: H&M

Bat Wing Boots: Iron Fist

Fluffy Pom Pom Choker: Claire’s

Backpack: Aliexpress

Alright that’s it for today. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post.
Thank you so much for visiting me!
See you in my next post <3

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Outer Space Style





Outfit: How I style my Cat Ear Headphones

How I style my cat ear headphones


I can’t believe I almost always start my blog posts with apologizing for not being able to do more posts… but however I finally made it! ^.^


So a while ago I got myself those amazing cat ear headphones, but I haven’t used them as often as I wanted to for some reason. Why? The simple answer is because I find it hard to pick an outfit that will perfectly work with the cat ear headphones. The long answer is, that I am a perfectionist. I get insecure easily if I think that something is wrong with the way I look. I know, it sounds totally superficial, but don’t get me wrong! The struggle is real if you want to look cute in something unusual looking that is -at the same time- the most basic, everyday object ever, like the combination of headphones and cat ears, right?


Some words about the headphones…

I bought them two months ago at amazon for 139€, wich is A LOT to me! I never spent that much money on headphones before but I thought, whatever, it has got cat ears on it and I need it! The brand is called Axent Wear. They are a very small company founded by two girls. Check out their website if you are interested ;). Yes, the design made me buy it in the end. But the sound quality is also very nice in my opinion. By the way, the cat ears are actual speakers, so can annoy everybody around you with your shitty music. 😛

Outerspacestyle cat earphones glowing
I took this picture the other day, because when I was shooting, the batteries were empty.

And isn’t it cool? They can glow in the dark! I think those super cute cat ear headphones are perfect for everybody who appreciates a nice kawaii and alternative look… and loves cats of course 😉 .

Headphones: Axent Wear (amazon)


So here is how I style my kawaii cat ear headphones…

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones
just ignore that it looks like I am flying in outer space and that the floor is uneven… oops

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones Basically, there are many possiblilities, what you can wear with them. The headphones could be part of your cosplay, your party accessory, or your everyday look. You can combine it with color matching clothes or you can basically create an outfit based around cat aesthetics (wich is what I did obviously ^.^). I really wanted to do an every day look, for how to wear the cat ear headphones in public or something like that. That’s why I did’nt go too crazy with overly fancy clothing. Just keeping it basic with a dark grey high waist jeans, but cute at the same time (at least in my opinion lol).

As you can see, I am wearing one of my favourite crop tops by killstar that says: Sorry I can’t, I have plans with cat. It’s all about the priorities. Actually, i don’t have a cat, but my parents have five, so I think it still applies to me in a way. I love that the cat ears on the shirt match the ears on my headphones. It’s just perfect haha.

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones

outerspacestyle cat ear headphones


Crop Top: killstar.com

High Waist: Bershka

There was just no way of not wearing my super awesome cat sneakers in this outfit!

They are from attitudeclothing and just super comfy. I don’t know what it is about these cats, but everytime I wear them, crazy, drunk or high… I don’t know… people on the street start talking to me about how awesome my shoes are haha.

outerspacestyle cat sneakers

Cat Sneakers: attitudeclothing.co.uk


outerspacestyle thanks
When your boyfriend is not around to help you out with the full body shots, things can get really difficult. I hope you don’t mind but I tried my best. ^.^

So, that’s it for today. I hope you liked this outfit post. If you want to hear from me more frequently, feel free to follow me on instagram. I post pictures every other day. <3


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Outer Space Style

Outer Space Inspired Outfit

An Outfit inspired by Outer Space

I heard 2017 just started two weeks ago… Wait, that’s a new year right? But what are my resolutions?
I don’t know.

Anyway, as I promised before on my Instagram, I wanted to start something new on my blog. Something cool and creative. Something that’s a lot of fun to do.

I decided to do my very first youtube video!

Don’t get me wrong guys, making a video you are willing to share with the world, is a lot of work. But I really enjoy filming and editing, so this might not be the last one ^.^

Solar Baseball Jacket: kokopiecoco
Onesie: H&M
Shoes: amazon
Socks: eBay
Choker: eBay

Jacket from Outer Space

Outer Space Jacket

This beautiful solar baseball jacket was my inspiration to do this video. Its an outfit inspired by Outer Space, obviously. I absolutely love this space jacket with all those planet patches on the back. It’s definitely my favorite jacket and I cannot wait until it gets warmer outside, so that I can wear it everyday. The material is quite thin, it’s just cotton and fleece, and I filmed the video in december. It was frickin cold but in my opinion it was totally worth the shivering. The jacket is very baggy, so you can easily wear something warm underneath. Oh, and did you know the jacket is unisex? Personally, I think it would look super awesome on a guy as well. 

space jacket

I decided to go with this very cozy onesie. It has little skeleton hands on it that show -peace-!
Fun fact: The skeleton hands glow in the dark. I think that’s so cool! The onesie also has got one zipper. Yes, only one, so if you have to go to the bathroom you have to get undressed…

Onesies like that are also perfect if you want to add some extra clothes underneath. To give my Outer Space inspired outfit a bit extra warmth, I am wearing the red checkered shirt over the onesie. I also think the look of the shirt goes very well with the baseball jacket as a whole. To match the black and white stripes of the jacket, I am wearing white tennis socks and black and white tennis shoes.


I hope you like this post and my video too of course ^.^

See you in my next post!


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Outer Space Style

Spaceship Denim Dress During Winter Time


I’m finally back with a new outfit post! Yaaaay! ^-^

There is so much stuff going on right now and I am super busy all the time. Yet I try my best to post more outfits every now and then.

So today I show you guys how to wear a cute dress in the colder months of the year. Most summer dresses are way too cold to wear on their own during winter time.

But don’t worry. There are some possibilities on how to wear dresses in the cold weather. Let me show you how I do it!

In Germany it feels like winter is already there, we even had snow there last week! You know that the weather is getting crazy once it was white outside for the first time, right?

Okay let’s get right into the outfit post.

Spaceship Denim Dress




I am wearing this super cool jeans dress with a cozy warm sweatshirt underneath. The A-line dress is a dungaree dress in dark denim. It’s material is quite thick, what I really like. This is also the reason why big sweatshirts will look absolutely fine with dresses like that. Thinner materials with sweaters underneath would not look cute during winter time and I really would’nt recommend that.


Of course, nobody wants to shiver outside. So do not forget to wear tights or leggings underneath. I also really like to wear black over knee socks. They always look good in combination with A-line dresses. If you need some extra security, I suggest to wear some thin shorts underneath the dress. Not only is it warmer this way, but also prevents you from somebody else beeing able to see your panties, you know what I mean? I especially like lace shorts underneath my dress. In my opinion it’s really cute if the lace is showing through from time to time.

Over knee socks: H&M




The grey sweater I am wearing has a really cute rocket print on the back. I really love how it sits exactly between the straps. In the front you can read Spaceship. And if you’re curious, I do not know what the hell happened on 1989 either. Because that’s what’s written on the rocket. ^-^

Spaceship Sweater: Aliexpress
Denim Dress: Aliexpress

Winter coat


And of course, I don’t walk around without my coat during winter time, so here I show you my everyday go-to winter coat. It’s dark grey, very loose fitting and has a hood. You can also tie the coat in the waist if you want to. I bought the jacket two or three years ago and I still absolutely love it. If it is freezing outside I also like to wear a fluffy jacket or some fake fur underneath to give it a bit extra warmth.

Jacket: Ebay

Kitty Backpack


I really love beanies and I have a ton of them. So that’s one good thing about winter time as well: Beeing able to wear beanies more often, yay! One of my current favourites is this pink fluffy double pom beanie. They remind me of bear ears and who does’t love animal ears on their beanies?


I also thought I show you my everyday backpack. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I feel like my hands are getting cold all the time when I carry around shoulder bags, because you have to hold them or pull them up every five minutes and that really sucks. Backpacks are just so much easier for me and I can leave my hands inside my pockets to keep them warm. And the little kitty cat is too adorable! The paws have magnets in it, so it’s up to you wether they cover the cat’s eyes or not. Also the backpack is really good quality and therefore just beautiful.

Backpack: Aliexpress
Beanie: bershka
Scarv: H&M

Galaxy Print Platforms


To top off the spaceship denim winter look I am wearing my galaxy printed platform boots. I got them a while ago and never got tired of them. They are an eye catcher. And even if the big winter coat is kind of hiding all your galactic pieces of clothing underneath, these shoes will still show that you are not from this earth.

Galaxy Print Platforms: H&M


I really hope you like the outfit 🙂 

See you in my next post!


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