Spaceship Denim Dress During Winter Time

spaceship denim dress


I’m finally back with a new outfit post! Yaaaay! ^-^

There is so much stuff going on right now and I am super busy all the time. Yet I try my best to post more outfits every now and then.

So today I show you guys how to wear a cute dress in the colder months of the year. Most summer dresses are way too cold to wear on their own during winter time.

But don’t worry. There are some possibilities on how to wear dresses in the cold weather. Let me show you how I do it!

In Germany it feels like winter is already there, we even had snow there last week! You know that the weather is getting crazy once it was white outside for the first time, right?

Okay let’s get right into the outfit post.

Spaceship Denim Dress




I am wearing this super cool jeans dress with a cozy warm sweatshirt underneath. The A-line dress is a dungaree dress in dark denim. It’s material is quite thick, what I really like. This is also the reason why big sweatshirts will look absolutely fine with dresses like that. Thinner materials with sweaters underneath would not look cute during winter time and I really would’nt recommend that.


Of course, nobody wants to shiver outside. So do not forget to wear tights or leggings underneath. I also really like to wear black over knee socks. They always look good in combination with A-line dresses. If you need some extra security, I suggest to wear some thin shorts underneath the dress. Not only is it warmer this way, but also prevents you from somebody else beeing able to see your panties, you know what I mean? I especially like lace shorts underneath my dress. In my opinion it’s really cute if the lace is showing through from time to time.

Over knee socks: H&M




The grey sweater I am wearing has a really cute rocket print on the back. I really love how it sits exactly between the straps. In the front you can read Spaceship. And if you’re curious, I do not know what the hell happened on 1989 either. Because that’s what’s written on the rocket. ^-^

Spaceship Sweater: Aliexpress
Denim Dress: Aliexpress

Winter coat


And of course, I don’t walk around without my coat during winter time, so here I show you my everyday go-to winter coat. It’s dark grey, very loose fitting and has a hood. You can also tie the coat in the waist if you want to. I bought the jacket two or three years ago and I still absolutely love it. If it is freezing outside I also like to wear a fluffy jacket or some fake fur underneath to give it a bit extra warmth.

Jacket: Ebay

Kitty Backpack


I really love beanies and I have a ton of them. So that’s one good thing about winter time as well: Beeing able to wear beanies more often, yay! One of my current favourites is this pink fluffy double pom beanie. They remind me of bear ears and who does’t love animal ears on their beanies?


I also thought I show you my everyday backpack. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I feel like my hands are getting cold all the time when I carry around shoulder bags, because you have to hold them or pull them up every five minutes and that really sucks. Backpacks are just so much easier for me and I can leave my hands inside my pockets to keep them warm. And the little kitty cat is too adorable! The paws have magnets in it, so it’s up to you wether they cover the cat’s eyes or not. Also the backpack is really good quality and therefore just beautiful.

Backpack: Aliexpress
Beanie: bershka
Scarv: H&M

Galaxy Print Platforms


To top off the spaceship denim winter look I am wearing my galaxy printed platform boots. I got them a while ago and never got tired of them. They are an eye catcher. And even if the big winter coat is kind of hiding all your galactic pieces of clothing underneath, these shoes will still show that you are not from this earth.

Galaxy Print Platforms: H&M


I really hope you like the outfit 🙂 

See you in my next post!


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