Double Trouble Partner Look Outfits (Fall 2016)

Outer Space Style Partner Look Double Trouble

Oh my god you guys, guess what? This is my first post ever I write in english! I decided to switch languages, because I want you all to understand what I’m writing. I also really enjoy writing in english, so I thought I just give it a try. However, my older posts I won’t translate them into english, but you can look forward to english blog posts in the future. Yippie!


In this post I’ll show you a bunch of photos of different outfits me and my friend wore during our partner look photo shoot. You’ll find that our outfits are perfectly matched. Fun fact: We have the exact same taste in fashion, to the point where it even scares us how similar our wardrobes are! Seriously, almost every piece of clothing we both have in common… even without knowing that one of us has bought it already.


Believe me guys… having a friend that looks almost exactly like you, is so freaking cool!


This is the reason why we decided to take advantage of the last sunny days this year, and do a partner look outfit shooting.


Partner Look Outfits


I want to believe…

Outer space style partner look alien

The first outfit is not from this earth. It’s about aliens! We decided to wear matching galaxy printed leggings with light and dark shades of blue. I think they look super awesome and the galaxy print is so outer space, just perfect for my blog ^-^ Also the material is scuba fabric, so that it fits almost every size and it’s slim fitting. I really like this kind of material when it comes to leggings. However, shirts made out of scuba fabric can get a bit uncomfortable, because you tend to sweat a lot in it and it just doesn’t feel so nice. In the end, it’s all a matter of taste.

Outer space style partner look alien

To top the leggings off with a space themed shirt, we are both wearing a crop top with a little alien head patch. You can get those in almost every color, so that you can wear your alien outfit any time. Also we both wear a pair of black platforms.

Outer space style partner look alien

Galaxy-printed leggings: ebay

Alien Crop Top: ebay / aliexpress

Saturn Choker: ebay



Two little mermaids

Outer space style partner look mermaid

If you think you’re seeing double, it’s okay. There are just two mermaids chilling by the sea.

What I like most about this long-sleeved crop top is that the colors, mint and baby pink, look so girly together, wich makes me feel like the prettiest mermaid in the world. You can also dress it up or down. It looks fine with high waist pants, but also with skirts and even with a big fury coat.

Outer space style partner look mermaid

Outer space style partner look mermaid

Mermaid Top: mingalondon



Gonna catch ’em all



You have just spotted two wild pokémon lovers. Well, at least we wear cool pokémon crop tops, I guess. Shopping at happym0nday is one of my latest addictions. They have amazing pokémon themed fashion, and the quality of their clothing is perfect. The fabric is thick enough and not see-through like those really cheap shirts. Also the colors of the prints are very vibrant and beautiful.

Pokémon Crop Tops: happym0nday



Unicorns do exist

Outer space style partner look unicorn beanie

This look is basicly black and white. Our hair color is really standing out in this one. We are wearing a beanie that says UNICORN and a white baseball shirt with black sleeves. This look is very casual, but also cute. Perfekt for cozy autumn days.

Outer space style partner look unicorn beanie

Outer space style partner look unicorn beanie

Unicorn Beanie: Killstar

Baseball Shirt: Urban Classics (Amazon)


If you still do not believe that unicorns do exist, then go to hell – because this is what our sweatshirts say in the next outfit. If you want to see more cute unicorn inspired outfit ideas, you should check out one of my older posts: Vom Einhorn inspiriert.

Outer space style partner look unicorn

Outer space style partner look unicorn

Outer space style partner look unicorn


Unicorn Sweatshirt: ebay / aliexpress


Something magical

Outer space style partner look magical

Outer space style partner look magical

I totally felt like we were in some kind of enchanted forest, when we took this picture. The fairy-like long tops with a clock on it perfectly matched the magical theme in this partner look picture. We could totally be some kind of creepy-cute creatures, living in the forest and playing with alice in wonderland. I especially like the lace back that comes with this top. It is the perfect mixture of gothic and elegance, wich makes the outfit doll-like. We are wearing bow tights to match the straps of the top.

Outer space style partner look magical

Outer space style partner look magical

Bow Tights: Amazon

Top: Jawbreaker (emp/ebay)

Platforms: Vagabond

Creepers: Amazon


Single Outfits


Cat, I’m a kitty cat

Outer space style neko atsume crop

And I dance, dance, dance. I am obsessed with this little cat. I literally want to buy everything with this cat on it. Neko Atsume is super adorable, so I had to get it. This crop top, I like the most with something high-waisted, especially skirts.

Outer space style neko atsume crop

Neko Atsume Crop Top: Pastelpixie / Suckered Apereal


Edgy chic

Outer space style festivalredhead

I absolutely love these pictures. This look suits her very well. If you are tall (well, at least taller than me), I really recommend wearing long dresses like that. It accentuates long legs perfectly. By adding a leather jacket and a black hat, the outfit will seem more edgy overall.


Dress: h&m

Hat: emp

Jacket: New Yorker


I really hope you enjoyed the my first english post ever, and of course I also hope you like the outfits as well. If you want to, check out my friends instagram festivalredhead.



See you in my next post!


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